The hydrology of the Marico BR area is dictated by the dolomitic recharge areas in the southern parts of the area and the eyes associated with the dolomites. The major eyes within the Marico BR area are the Marico, Molopo and Molemane Eyes, which gives rise to their namesake rivers.  The eyes of the Marico  and Molopo  are relatively extensive and consist of clear water, while the Molemane Eye is a minor trickle, but an eye nevertheless.

The watershed nature of the dolomitic area in the south of the Marico BR area has meant that the three river systems of the area are not part of the same catchments even, where the Molopo enters the Kalahari in the west and is more akin to the Orange basin – though there are intermittent and sporadic links with this basin.  The Marico River feeds into the Limpopo River, while the Molemane feeds into the Klein-Marico River which feeds into the Marico River outside of the proposed Marico BR. The Marico River flowing through the proposed Marico BR has the best ecological condition of all rivers in the North West Province, as it has been classified as a NFEPA flagship river, and said to be a B-class, while the Molopo is in C class and the Molemane Eye is in a B to C/D ecological class (Directorate Water Resource Classification, 2013).