USAID Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin – RESILIM – supported the MRCA, DEA and North West Provincial Department of Rural, Environmental and Agricultural Development to prepare and submit the biosphere reserve application to UNESCO. They also formed part of the steering committee which was responsible for the biosphere reserve application.

Resilim sponsored 8 youth camps per year during 2015/ 2016. The focus of the camps were life skills training and environmental awareness. A very informative video emphasizes the camps programme and the enjoyment thereof.

They also sponsored a Water Week Campaign whereby the local community of Reboile was involved and encouraged to become part of the conservation effort more specifically of water conservation.

Presently the Resilient Waters program is sponsoring the development of social media aids more specifically the Website with full detail on the Marico BR and a phone Application elaborating on activities and destinations in the Marico BR.  

The support from Resilient Waters is very valuable and brings about the link between the Marico BR and the Limpopo Basin of which it forms part.