Of all the District Municipalities, Ngaka Modiri Molema District has the rarest plant species of the four districts in the province (Hahn, 2013). In this District, two critically rare, three endangered and four vulnerable species are found (Hahn, 2013), with half of these occurring in the Marico BR area.

Searsia maricoana was said to be vulnerable but is now thought to be part of a more widespread species complex of Searsia ciliata (Hahn, 2013).


Two endemic species to the province are Blepharis angusta and Gladiolus filiformis.  Blepharis angusta is endemic to the grasslands, and has showy blue flowers and found to be in a hotspot here as they have vanished from areas where it was once found (Hahn, 2013). Gladiolus filiformis is said to be critically rare, but not uncommon, and it is furthermore also an endemic to the Southern Bankenveld, as is also the Nuxia glomerulata which grows in mountain bushveld.  In the deep ravines, the vulnerable Prunus africana does also grow here, which is threatened as a result of it being utilised for its medicinal value.

Cullen tomentosa is said to be vulnerable but has since been found to be more widespread (Hahn, 2013).  

Brachystelma incanum is rare but may occur, as the type locality is Lichtenburg (Hahn, 2013), as can the endemic bulb, Senecio holubi, found near Dinokana (Hahn, 2013).