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Clearing of Alien and Invasive Vegetation – Projects Retshegofetse and Drought Response

The Marico River Conservation Association (MRCA) is a service provider of the Department of Forestry and Fishery (DEFF) to assist with the eradication of alien and invasive vegetation mainly along the water ways of the three main rivers in the Marico BR. These rivers are the Groot Marico River, Molemane-se-loop and Molopo River. This includes the clearing of poplar, reeds, syringa, jacaranda, blue gum and wattle. These plants drink excessive water and thereby dry out the streams that feed the rivers.

The project also has the benefit of creating jobs for unemployed and teaching skills for the unskilled. These skills can include Handling a chain saw and brush cutter, First Aid, Leadership, Computer literacy, Herbicide application etc.

Due to the fact that most of the farms in the area are privately owned, the landowners form an important link in the clearing and water conservation chain.

The biomass from the cleared vegetation supports capital generating ventures for example the making of compost and biochar. These products will be marketed for purchase by the public.

Fire Free FPA (Fire Prevention Association)

Fire Free is the name of the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality's Fire Protection Association (RMLM FPA). The RMLM FPA functions as umbrella organisation for the different Fire Protection Forums throughout the RMLM area of the Marico BR.

The aim of the association is to predict, prevent, manage and extinguish veld fires in its area; thereby establishing a fire free area.

The Marico BR will undertake the development of a Fire Free strategy for the area which involves 4 local municipalities and 3 district municipalities. 

Marico River Conservation Association, the implementing agent for the Marico Biosphere Reserve,  has in  the meantime trained more than 50 fire fighters and 6 crew leaders. Accredited training was done by Fordcor. The fire fighters are well equipped and have distinguished themselves in 22 fires in the 2018 fire season.

Groen Sebenzas

DEFF is also funding an educational project for post matric and graduated youth, known as the Groen Sebenzas Project. These youth then get a year to three years work experience while being skilled in Natural Resource Management, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Financial Management, First Aid and skills needed by the organisation for which they work; in this case the MRCA.


Projects undertaken under the auspices of the Marico River Conservation Association