There is no complete inventory of all the invertebrates species present in the Marico BR area, but certain classes of them are better enumerated. From the data available, it is clear that research on the invertebrates of the Marico BR area is a key research area.

In terms of Arachnida, there is one species on record from the SpiderMap data base, but more do occur but are not formally recorded, and we await the final Arachnid Data base compiler to present a total count for us.

In terms of Butterflies, there are 29 species recorded and in terms of dragonflies of the Order Odonata, 7 species are recorded as per Odonata Map, and this group of invertebrates is an important indicator of high-quality freshwater systems.

In terms of Lacewings of the Orders Neuroptera and Megaloptera, 16 species are recorded.  

In terms of Dung Beetles of the Order Coleoptera, and Family Scarabaeidae, as much as 43 species are recorded, and these are hugely important in terms of their ecological role in the recycling of nutrients into the soil.