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To truly appreciate the Marico, one has to experience all she has to offer. Immerse yourself and all your senses in the stillness, the natural richness and the remoteness of the environment.

To experience the Marico is to truly get to know her.

Whether it be the culture behind the tradition of Mampoer and Herman Charles Bosman, to immerse youreslf in the history or to seek healing and the desire to bring one’s soul in touch with one’s self.  

The Marico has a number of very special experiences to offer the traveller looking to further themselves and further their life’s fulfilment.


the  Marico

Immerse yourself into all that the Marico has to offer

Healing Retreats

Tel:   (You can contact the Marico Information centre to find out which retreat would be best suited to you )

Pristine nature and the un-hurried lifestyle of the Groot Marico make it the perfect place for healing retreats.  

As a result there are a number of retreat options available for you to experience, from Yoga Retreats, Buddhist healing retreats, meditation retreats and more.

Anglo Boer War

Tel:    0826433677

          Hansie Coetzee

Experience the Anglo Boer War from the eyes of a Soldier.  Groot-Marico was one of the places where Boers and British were fighting during the 1899 - 1902 war.   Take a battle field tour and relive the war. Experience and visit the site of the Kleinfontein Battle or the Wonderfontein Graveyard



Tel:    (you can contact the Marico Information centre to find out which retreat would be best suited to you )


Located in the heart of the bushveld, the Groot Marico is home to many of South Africa’s wildlife species.

Although some of the more iconic characters like elephants and lions no longer exist in the area, there is a world of other species to offer you the wildlife refuge to enjoy.


Tel:   082 453 3111

         (Louis Muir)

         079 955 8119

         (Jolene)079 955 8119

EXPERIENCE drumming - for healing, team building or just for fun.  

A drumming session in the Groot Marico will be a life changing experience bringing you in touch with yourself and in balance with those around you.  

Sound Journeys

Tel:          083 272 2958

014 503 0085

Email: info@marico.co.za

EXPERIENCE a relaxing gentle sound ‘massage’ with various acoustical instruments in natural surroundings on the banks of the Marico River.

Use your ears to take some of the burden from your eyes. Learn to listen to the sounds of the world. Group bookings (minimum 10 people)

Happy Toes Permaculture


Tel:  +27 73 319 3713

Email:    jeannine@happytoes.co.za

Website:    www.happytoes.co.za

Volunteer at a rural small holding called Happy Toes Permaculture Project - a rustic off-grid small holding in Groot Marico.

Permaculture is about land care and people care and reinvesting surplus into both


Tel:   083 239 6662

         (Sarie @ Maruntwane)

         082 638 7003

         (Hettie Nel @ M&M Mampoer)

Groot-Marico became famous for a special drink, called Mampoer. It is made from fruit and is also known as 'moonshine'. It is very high in alcohol content. The method of testing if the Mampoer is strong enough, is to put a match to it. If is burst into flames, it is good, otherwise it is not strong enough!

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