Sections of two biomes and five bio-regions occur within the boundaries of the Marico BR. Within the five bio-regions, seven vegetation types occur in the Marico BR area. Of these seven vegetation types, Moot Plains Bushveld is classified as Vulnerable and Rand Highveld Grassland is classified as Endangered.

Two vegetation types endemic to the North West Province fall partly within the Marico BR area, namely Dwarsberg-Swartruggens Mountain Bushveld and Zeerust Thornveld, of which Zeerust Thornveld is predicted to be Vulnerable by 2020 (READ, 2015).  Thus conservation actions in the Marico BR area will benefit these vegetation types and contribute to the provincial and national conservation objectives for the biomes.

The Marico BR also encompasses several terrestrial and aquatic Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBA’s) and Ecological Support Areas (ESA’s) as identified by the North West Bio-diversity Sector Plan 2015 (READ, 2015).  CBA’s are areas of the landscape that need to be maintained in a natural or near-natural state to ensure the continued existence of ecosystems and the delivery of ecosystem services whereas ESA’s are intended to ensure the ecological functioning and sustainability of the CBA’s. These areas have to be maintained in good ecological conditions to be able to contribute to bio-diversity conservation.